cuadrado2 TOBACCO SHOPS & HOSPITALITY | Vending machine rental

Why we offer our services to tobacco shops?

  • Our offer is focused mainly on tobacco shop owners, who are the real experts in the tobacco market.
  • The best option for the point of sale is to have the local tobacco shop owner manage the vending machine.
  • The reason is because the tobacco shop’s focus and livehood depends on the sale of tobacco.

Our offer:

  • Lowest rental prices in the market, including technical assistance and logistics-commercial support when moving machines between points of sale.
  • Sales information captured through telemetry/modem and/or handheld device (PDA).
  • Annual rental contracts to offer business flexibility.

What are we looking for?

  • Integrity and proper care of the vending machine.
  • Compliance with all legislation, tobacco sales license (Autorización para Venta con Recargo, AVR), health authority advisory notices, under-age sales control, etc.
  • Compliance with market neutrality and rules of territoriality.
  • Assurance that the machine is operative for selling and is well looked after and stocked, particularly to avoid stockouts.


  • Logivend offers the hospitality sector a dependable partner that offers economies of scale and uniform service.